Are All Politicians Mad? Cristian Faith, Use it Or Lose It!

I am just the ordinary confused voter, I don’t know what to believe and for some time I have thought Farage and his UKIP thing (although it chimes oddly with kippers which make me ill) you get it of course…. Well along with certain members of my household I have thought he was not mad, and if he was it struck me that mad people talk a lot of sense. So wonderful material for rows with the Sainted One, who thinks inside a strange blue padded Tory box. But then today I see that that peculiar Hamilton Couple are out of their own delusional box and are Mr and Mrs average UKippers indeed they appear to be important chieftains, in the weird selection of persona our Nigel had collected… bad decision NIge…. “ quos vult pedere prius dementat,” which in UKIP Language means .those who God wants to destroy he makes mad Thats no the correct translation by the way, it lacks the subtlety of our great educational system.  Also there is the thing about looking carefully at people’s friends and if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. And actually. The S O is a wise old bird who did not accept brown paper bags from anyone, in a house full of women he never looked in paper bags you see.

This brings me to the idiotic spat about us being a Christian country, of course we are but be afraid people Use it or Lose it, you don’t have to go to church to recognise what our Christian country has put in place for you, which incidentally gives you the privilege of believing what you like without a knock on the door in the middle of the night. But this freedom, which is a beautiful thing is under threat, David Cameron was right to declare himself why shouldn’t he? But then this is a subtle kind of erosion, even down to a pathetic TV series called “The Rev” gives us a complete prat as a vicar who cannot even do his flies up it seems. I know of no vicar who is as idiotic as that , no, they are always there when you want to be christened, married of buried with a jolly nice party afterwards… and more besides, like Christmas and Easter but watch out it’s being chipped away !!! And girls it may be the back of the class for you, no more brilliant women clergy. Remind you of anything?

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