Loss and the Chaos Theory

Our lovely neighbour Diana known as the goddess of love, because she inspired this wherever she went, and in every life she touched has just slipped away, as one of her equally lovely daughter’s said, “ we opened the window and her spirit just flew out, and she looked so beautiful, as if she was a young girl again.”

Well there she is somewhere in the great mystery and the loss is awful; she died so quickly and held court in her last few weeks, like the Queen she was. She had wonderful spring days in her garden enjoying the extraordinary” Mandella “ wall we built to replace the one blown over at Christmas. There was a continual low mummer of conversation from next door as people came to say good bye to her and were on round three because it was a good party and she didn’t really want to go. There will be massive celebration of her life in our gardens next week and I do believe that whoever comes to live there now will inherit a magical place blessed by her indomitable spirit and wicked laugh; she knew when to leave I suppose, but I do wish she hadn’t . Our lives are threaded with chaos at the moment, I wish also that my daughter’s wilful black Cocker spaniel had not set off on some herculean journey ten days ago she has been seen on Black Down in West Sussex if anyone sees her tell her that her family is desperate the contact deatail are in the local paper. She is called Lola, she has a red collar. I have asked Diana to find her …. She will!!!!

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