Five Degrees of Seperation, Angels and The Italian Connection.

I amounting my blessings which has been rather difficult to do in the last few months, the most challenging of my life. Next week I am to have a complicated operation which is in itself a miracle. This will D.V. restore me to the exotic state of health I have always taken for granted until, that is,  I lost it. This is rather a challenging event and the whole house was in danger of imploding in my absence, Jayne ( spelt with a Y) my pigeon and her admirers Nigel and Terence, and then the “girls” my spaniels who were going to have to go into kennels. Actually they look forward to this because the owners give them the doggie equivalent of Pinot Coladas in luxurious accommodation where very smart well connected canine residents amuse them with racy stories. And I know what you may all be thinking what about the Sainted One? Well the S.O has been very resistant to any damage limitation, and been seriously opposed to any form of sensible planning plus being in denial about the enforced and lengthy convalescence. “I can run the house perfectly well without you,” did not fill me with confidence, and was, I thought rather on the demeaning side.

But an angel has appeared, she looks like a Botticelli painting and cooks like a dream. The S. O. is completely beguiled, loving the food and seeing less of Moi . I have meanwhile been released from the endless kitchen duties demanded here and have been clearing out my cupboards in case I don’t come home. I don’t want people rummaging through my stuff thinking I was a slattern OMG seven black bags have gone to the tip, I didn’t know I had fourteen bras looking as if they had been boiled in urine and nine anti mosquito plugs……. it is very cleansing. This brings me to the five degrees of separation, the Angel comes from a small Island off the coast of Sicily, many strange connections have emerged. I am in heaven until Wednesday. The family have a rota each one in their own way part of this heavenly throng, not least my best friend who keeps my spirits up with a delicious dry wit most of which is not printable here.

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