My Dogs sing Goddbye To Diana.

Today enough tears were shed to fill a lake. We said goodbye to lovely Diana. She always said “darling I am only leaving here feet first.” In fact she died in Devon surrounded by love and beauty, but she came back today in a simple wicker coffin and rested outside while we all put garden flowers around her. Beatrice and Mollie were brought out by the Italian Angel who is here caring for our house and all who live in it while I am in hospital. The spaniels loved Diana, they used to race down the garden when they heard her voice and put their heads through our connecting garden gate and she would say “ hello girls “ in her gravelly voice; today they knew she was there and that they should say good bye, they lifted their heads and sang, it was an astonishing moment. Dogs know so much ,they did not need to be told, they just knew they should say goodbye. If one of a pair of dogs dies they must always be shown the departed friend and then all is well. We did this when Mollie’s friend Daisy died, and she lay down beside her and licked her face, and then all was well; she understood. Diana created a wonderful family and they did it all so very well, she knew it was a little too soon but she went with quiet elegance.

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