Iambic Pentameters,Split Infinitives Past Perjoratives and Coming Up Roses.

Let me explain…. Iambic pentameters are wonderful, the great actor Donald Sindon once explained them to me, delivering some of Shakespeare’s greatest soliloquys to an audience of moi. Then we have the split infinitives, me I just love those, bring them on I say to get all the phony literati’s in a lather. I use them all the time as a matter of principle. But the real genius is inventing one of those things. I have just done this because I am super intelligent, and people adore me because I have such a unique brain and they are constantly surprised be what comes out of my gorgeous mouth…. Well here it is hot mouthed from the genius herself , it is the “past pejorative” . This is of course the recollective narrative ( yes I just invented that as well) . You see recently I have encountered one or two people who tell you stories about characters who have done deeply unpleasant things, like putting their children’s pet goldfish down the loo, or stealing parking places. I must admit I do tell a lot of stories, and sometimes the listener has the nerve to tell me that I have told them this one before. But the redeeming factor is that my stuff features wonderful Goddesses. Angels, Knights in Shining Armour and Heroic Animals. and if they are about moi, which is seldom because one must not talk about oneself , they have to be self-deprecating, which in my case is easy. So you see everyone is a winner.

Well here is a real life Knight story, an awful thing happened here which was that through a series of terrible accidents a video of my mentor and family Godfather and my adopted mother which I have guarded all my life got destroyed. The mentor was an iconic man the painter Paul Maze and his wife Jessie his muse. “The Knight,” has stepped in, a film maker called David Rose he found footage of the great man greatly superior to that which was lost. I tell you the emotional wailing and weeping her has been incredible. I don’t cry because it makes me look like a bath bun but today as a friend said your eyes look like piss holes in the snow. OMG some people are just fantastic.

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