Bags, Old Bags, and Casting Issues.

What is it about handbags? Women will do almost anything for a fabulous handbag, and then the day comes when nobody wants them to do those things and they have to buy their own. That day has come for me, so I saved up for mine and waited for it in the sale like a demented tigress. It is fabulous, I swear it would look a bin liner look good. I am in love with it and my new HP car, neither of which I can really afford. I have to lock the car door for fear of someone seeing it on the passenger seat. As I have been extremely ,ill cannot face cooking the vast meals required in this house so have also saved up for a weekly cook. This elegant creature turned up with a fantastic bag, which would have taken her approximately two weeks hard cooking to earn. She also had on the other arm, what is called a tote now that would have been a small fortune. I could hardly believe that we spent at least half an hour talking about the various looks the bags could create with actions.

OMG the Sainted One has decided I am the proverbial “er in doors numbers” however sweetly I speak he replies “what do you want now?” the answer is “nothing sunny Jim,” (not even a bag actually’) “just wondered what time you would like dinner?” Today I had a brief altercation with some Gardenia plants given to me by my dearest friend. “Whatever I do it is wrong you bastards,” I hissed at them… the SO appeared at once flushed with anticipation thinking this was the first salvo in a domestic, which he thrives on can do on his own and notably even if I have left the room. There was no apology forthcoming, it’s no use pretending the age difference is telling!!!!!Guess thirteen hours of TV, versus moi are no contest ! Actually two people have fallen sound asleep when I was talking to them recently. I asked one of them if I had told them the anecdote before, he replied ” Yes Often but I still enjoy it.”  Have bag will travel.

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