Cancer is My Teacher (an iconic book) Big Hair and The Definition of Taciturn.

My daughter Lucy O Donnell has written a book on Cancer; having just been very ill myself, I see it, as more relevant than ever, people are quite odd about illness ( with notable exceptions) OMG you soon sort out the real friends the ones who don’t think that you have had your moment and now it is not mentioned, when you are picking yourself off the floor they say , because it is nicer for them, “ you look marvellous, so glad you are better.” You may look OK, but you are anything but. Pain is a lonely thing.

However I have been very lucky to be entertained by the caring ones and this weekend we saw the men’s finals at Wimbledon, if I eventually expire prematurely, the Sainted One will get a lot of casseroles on the door step just for the Wimbledon tickets.

My adorable Son Andy was my guide for this day and we did a lot of Royal watching with the binoculars, I conclude that tensions are evident in the highest circles, so we are all the same in the end. However I did unwisely hold the exclusive Ladies Loo door open ( I am very well mannered you see ) this was a mistake since several BIG HAIR LADIES took it as their right to sweep through , ALL of them had the big hair thing. Eventually at a loss as to how to relieve myself of this unwanted servitude, without letting it bang in what was a “ royal connection face“,I held my hand out and asked for a gratuity. This put an end to it, but the very polite one had hair like mine, as someone once described it a Brillo Pad, (a wire wool saucepan cleaner).

I have always known that My life would have been quite different if I had been the owner of fabulous thick straight hair, just look at them all, they have it, you only get ahead with big hair!

My delightful grandson and moi have just had a gin in the garden, we rushed in when smoke billowed out of the French windows and the smoke alarm rang loudly enough to alert the neighbours. I had burned the plumbs, it is the pain killers you see, they make you mad. The Sainted One was oblivious to this, but eventually alerted to the commotion asked me what was the matter, I could barely see him through the smoke but he should have taciturned the darn thing off .

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