Sweaty Betty, Proud To Be Brittish and Turning off the Fountain.

The last week has been a round of occasions which make me very proud to live in England where the arts flourish as they do. I am at a severe disadvantage at these events in high summer if it is very hot, because I live up to my name of “Sweaty Betty” so called by me family who tease me unmercifully about this and many other things. The trouble is it is my head that suffers most, this is an area impossible to hide. If it were arm pits or other bits, concealment would be possible, but with this, the Aswan dam just streams down. Today I was working at my desk with someone who looked up and asked if the roof was leaking because drops kept falling on the key board and some smudged the ink on a document we were looking at. She looked at me nervously, and politely suggested I had just washed my hair. She had great presence of mind. On Saturday my son and moi went to the Royal Ballet School graduation performance at Covent Garden. My daughter and her husband sponsor one of the dancers Eldivaldo Souza Da Silva who graduated. This is a dancer to watch, the whole affair made me weep buckets especially when two hundred and fifty young dancers took to the stage. And people listen to me ,La Traviata at Glyndebourne is sublime, more weeping though!!!

The Sainted One is being rather nice and helpful at the moment, perhaps because he thinks I might expire at any minute and he is thinking a Mobile Human Chernobyl is better than nothing. But OMG the pain fresh hold from the serpent removal , sure gets lower in the heat. Perhaps he is panicking or something because the OCD thing is getting worse, he gets exhausted turning the fountain on and off all the time, the theory is that one must only have it on when you have company or perhaps for a brief moment over lunch time, then there is the reloading of the dishwasher. He has taken now to reloading his own reloading, this is very depressing because I cannot help thinking all this time could be better spent on other things, like offering to clear up the Goddam dinner in the first place. He needs to understand that this water feature is very soothing for moi also not to panic about wasted electricity when I put my head inside the deep freeze, today it smelt faintly of haddock, and so now do I. This does not bode well.

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