Opera Bores, Fasbender the Greatest Living Mezzo, and Maybe Ballet is Best

OMG opera bores are the pits, they start in the Summer because they go to country house operas with picnics and things. Mostly they know nothing about the human voice, I am a failed singer and studied with Walter Gruner, one of the greatest voice teachers of all time. He told me to sing with my private parts other wise known as the pelvis etc, because with women that is where the voice starts. Of course for me the timing was wrong and anyway I knew how stressful a singers life can be. I was not good enough either !! But boy do I know a lot about singing, there is nothing like failing to get you in the loop.

Brigitte Fasbender is the greatest living Mezzo, I heard her on the radio recently. She reiterated the feelings I have about the way singers are taught now days. Opera bores talk bollocks, they do it all the time it is a long string of names and places. Usually they wouldn’t even spot two or three bars missed out by a singer and the orchestra just going on playing against them as they try to recover. This happened the other night and the OBs claimed it was the best rendition they had heard. I would like to shut them all in a room with Fasbender and listen to her master class.

A student called Georgina featured in one of these I heard during the programme I mentioned, the girl had a fabulous voice and is destined to be a Diva, but God help her if she stays in England for her future training. Fasbender spent a lot of time on the argh sound, vowels are largely ignored by singers today, as the great lady said they are all there to be sung! Curiously I went to a birthday gathering yesterday and talked to Linda Hurst who is a professor of singing at Trinity Laban. I have always admired her, especially, as she was so complimentary about my son Andy Anson, a product of Trinity, once described as the finest young player of his generation. Anyway I diverse, because in moment of psychic inspiration I talked about Fasbender’s master class and bet it was her pupil ….. it was!!! OMG I am totally in touch. It is sad actually, opera bores have cleared rooms with their “cant” they have driven me to the ballet It’s hard to talk bollocks about ballet, and for some reason people don’t do it why is that ?

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