Th Naked Night, The Vest, and Forget the Scrupples.

Glimpses of a naked Knight of The Realm, other wise known as the Sainted One, are rare rather like sightings of a very endangered species of wader bird. However a state of semi undress is sometimes visible , and brings with it a frisson of .. well I don’t know … but you all know what I mean, from this and the laundry routine, I can now officially announce that the S O has been unsown from his vest. He follows the behaviour pattern of the great My Pepys who was unsown in late summer and resown into it in late September. Not that this has anything to do with the latter but it is also official that Moi has decided to forget principles and scruples. For years I have adhered to the decisions of others to brand certain people and their behaviour as unacceptable and that they must be demonized, and when out of unflinching loyalty this path is adhered to only to find that they are as it were sleeping with the enemy, and all the best of friends drinking gin together, while you have become the villain. Well not anymore folks, it is now official that I am un unprincipled slut in these matters and will do whatever is most convenient, in fact do what politicians do …. Take a look at the city and the Russians, it’s all bollocks nothing will happen you mark my words . They will all be smarming away after a few meaningless expostulations.

We are in our holiday home where I have come to edit the first half of my book Summers Grace, only to find the houses either side are to be demolished and replaced by gorgeous villas. I am afraid I “lost it”, not a pretty sight the result is a brief postponement in order that Moi can recover from the dreadful removal of the serpent from my innards and work on my fabulous literary masterpiece. Actually people can be very nice, sometimes hard to keep that in mind. I have noticed that the S O has begun to close his eyes when I speak to him, it is very unnerving it is as if he wishes to block a distressing image, this is a pity because my whole countenance has become serene and delightful since I became so unprincipled.

The S O loves sorting dustbins, which is just as well since the many weeks of tenants here have left a trail of shocking insights into their domestic routines. The most awful stinkers are lobster shells, OMG the man has a strong stomach. We should put the rents up if people can eat so much lobster which must be an aphrodisiac. I will mention this to the SO over the chicken salad, that and the condoms I bet the eyes open then .

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