Bear With Me, The Old Person’s Virtual World and Look To The Young…..

OMG are all persons answering Telephone Calls in Labour? Why do they all say “bear with me while I put you on hold,” while they play mindless frigging music and chat to the person at the next desk or maybe even send them an email , I am told this is to make a paper trail of the dialogue eg… “can I book a dental appointment?” then you are in labour bearing down to appalling music. Cut the crap I say but “there you go” that’s another one. A lot of my friends complain that their retired husbands watch the TV all the time and find it impossible to engage in normal conversations because they live in a virtual world. These same persons complain about the young who live in their own screen world but after weekend marathon of twenty hours TV in the man cave the Sainted One looked very peculiar today, oddly a great deal of the viewing material I occasionally glimpsed through the door was of a medical nature with fat women experiencing what are generally called women’s troubles “down there” .. as if they would be anywhere else. So it all boils down to sex does it ? I ask myself is that all there is ? The answer is probably yes.

However what I loosely call the young in my family are quite adorable and having been boringly ill for four months I find them a breath of fresh air. There must be something good about their world which I find invigorating and this brings me to “ Look to the young from whence comith my help” that’s all we have actually. They are great I am so glad I have so many of them around, the secret is to realize that the past is another place and they only do today and that is the basis of all good philosophy isn’t it.

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