Lucy O Donnell’s Book, Cancer is My Teacher.

I am an avid reader, always have been, some books do move me to loud raucous laughter and then the family runs for cover. Others make me cry, one such is my darling daughter’s book about cancer. Apart from the fact that it is excellently constructed book, a bible for anyone with cancer or having it in the family or with a friend who has it, for me it was an immensely powerful and difficult read. It is one thing to see the thing through the veil of courage that the darling girl , my child, drew about her, and we all got the message about too much emotion etc…. but it quite another to see written on the page the stark suffering the determination to have the life that let’s face it , I gave her , with pain but knowing the outcome was joy. It is a joy to see her now, with the incredible success of her message to everyone who loves and values life, every moment of it. And she does not really ask what tomorrow will bring. There are times when it drowns me, but she is there brave beautiful, real , I can touch her, see her hear her , then I think God is kind.

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