The Miniaturist, Escape, and Vest Sowing.

Really I have had enough with people who start on about e books and tell me I am a waste of space because I write books which are made of paper and along with others sit around on nice shelves until someone picks them up and reads them and then maybe passes them on. Books are, apart from the wheel and penicillin the greatest of mans’ achievements, imagine reading the bible as an e book, or in future years inviting people into your fabulous library floating around somewhere in the ether obtainable on a health hazard key pad. Most peoples by the way are literally crawling with every known bug plus samples of wee, semen, naval cheese, and big jobs. I have just left cleansing antiseptic wipes and cotton buds on the sainted one’s “console” which is a curious grey colour, and as for the so called mouse it is more like an plague carrying rat , in fact I think it is stuck to the desk.

Now back to the pristine joy of books, I have nearly finished the Miniaturist a first novel by Jessie Burton of quite astonishing genius , so good that I read the last bit very slowly because I don’t want it to end. This book has taken a great deal of research and if the authors pleasure in writing it was as wonderful as the readers she must be a happy girl. I too am happy because finally I am really back into the second half of my novel Summers Grace, the characters have been patiently waiting as if for a guest who was rather late but nevertheless welcome. They were still there , eager to get on with their lives, they want to take me to some marvellous places, the north Atlantic , a farm house in Clapham, Mr Handel’s house in London where he is about to write the Messiah, a perfect Elizabethan house in Chichester, the court of George 2nd , and maybe ????? well they haven’t told me yet , but there is a fearful villain I will not divulge his name, but he is a low cunning person and Grace must watch out. Oh the joy of it!

On darker note the S O is coming up for the vest sowing in and also the sealing up of all the windows with grey chewing gum, he is not allowed to do the rooms I sleep and work in, angry geusts get covered in the stuff when they need to open the guest bedroom windows, this always makes me a bit upset I get the blame of course and then the notes start horrible sticky paper which has to be scraped off the recently cleaned windows with hot water. Dave the window cleaner came this week and now I can see out which is nice. But there was a bad atmosphere after that though, as apparently due to the economy drive windows can only be done twice a year and Dave came a month early he just said “Yeh Yeh I get that all the time.” Enough already !

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