Naim Attallah, Cancer is My Teacher and the Mail on Sunday.

Naim Attallah is an old fashioned gentleman , he is the kind of man who represents a generation where decisions were based on inspiration rather than balance sheets, and he makes things happen with universal charm. He has published three of my novels and there is another in the pipe line. It has been a lesson in how things can be done, everyone who works with him adores him. Believe me I have had a great deal of experience with publishers and it is seldom thus. I once heard a publisher say that he liked his life, if it wasn’t for the authors which is rather like saying love France but hate the French.

When my daughter “Lucie” Lucy O Donnell, produced a book about cancer and her experiences, ( Cancer is My Teacher) she showed it to him and he published it in the same seamless way he had published my own. Of course the book is a runaway success, it is now on a third printing and read by people all over the world. This weekend it is to be serialized in The Mail on Sunday. It was only published two weeks ago. Above you will see pictures which show him with his two authors at the launch. If there were publishing Oscars he deserves one.

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