Floods,The Lavatory Seats and all Manner of Effluent

My whole life revolves around plumbing, floods, and Lavatory seats , I have several of the latter needing attention at present , The Sainted One adores blocked drains but there are none here at the moment , so his most recent DIY challenge the seat in our downstairs Loo it is now known as “the parliamentary seat” this drama has reached epic proportions. The seat has been replaced but the replacement is faulty, men cannot lift the seat now so my invitation to upper class larceny namely “gentlemen lift the seat” on a polite notice, can now be ignored with impunity. So there is wee all over it, consequently ladies do not fancy it now anyway it falls off if you sit on it . I summoned a trusted professional but we had to down tools to hasten to my sons flat where the symphonic Loo was not working and there was an ominous conspicuous ness of plungers all over the place….. while we were there many other plumbing problems revealed themselves. I am glad I had my rubber knee pad with me which I use for weeding . I know so much more about plumbing now …… don’t get me started on the ditches on the Isle of Wight….

The Inside Story, The Head comes First and Remarkable People.

I have not opened my laptop for many days as I have been suffering from a vile ague in the guts following the serpent removal from my innards six months ago, it seems it has come back to bite. However as ever it is the head which carries the day and most of all the nights which come upon you when all is not well with the world and make your bed a kind of enemy, which was formally a place of safety and tranquillity. It is of course the wonders pf antibiotics which are the first thing for which one must thank God. But also in our case man called Clive Sherlock who teaches “ adaptation practice” you will find out about it on his website. He teaches acceptance amongst many other things. It is of course the path to wisdom.

I must say another person who is elevated to hero status is the Sainted One who has been very patient doing things like holding the newspaper steady as my hands shook with a medieval style fever and I was deprived of my daily fix of the Times. He has also driven me around to scans and other miracles, and best of all taken the dogs to the hairdressers. But he knows the dragoness is recovering and is resigned ….. it is all swings and roundabouts. I will do his mending now which has been lying around for two months. It is time for us all to stay with the moment as Clive Sherlock would say.