Depressed Dogs, People Who Cannot turn on a Switch Dysfunctional Families are the Most Loving.

There is rather a lot going on in my huge adorable mad family at the moment. But we went to a sad farewell the other day, it made me think a lot about how I loved my huge mad dysfunctional family and how I would not have them any other way. I would have gone to our lovely local Church to thank God for them but the ceiling has fallen down so it is closed. This is a ghastly event!!! Some people who have rented a family flat from us complained today that all the electrics were broken and I was supposed to attend them at once. I enquired of them whether they had thought of turning the switches on ? This had not occurred to them or them or the agent. I am waiting for a call on Christmas day to ask me to come round and change a bulb (this did happen actually).

This made me rather depressed I asked them if they were taking the piss? And then I was told in the Times that if I didn’t walk my dogs they would get depressed and bite me I also read that men are stupider than women, eg a terrorist who sent a bomb in the post without enough stamps so it was returned to sender, he opened it and blew himself up. Apparently this stupid thing is to eliminate the idiots and retain only the finest of the species for reproduction. The switch person was a man. Any way two weeks ago I had an operation on my hand for bent fingers, I had to push the trolley round Sainsbury’s with my elbow my hands in a sling, the only person who offered assistance was a woman. The Sainted One is worried about me because I moan a lot. He has been behaving magnificently. Then the dishwasher broke!!! It was someone’s birthday with the usual gathering of the clans…….. its amazing what you can do with one arm.

One of the adorable Italian Cousin is here OMG does he cheer us all up, its lunch time and we have poured a Sloe Gin.

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