The Book Of Mormon, and Shock Horror The Knight of The Realm Stuffs Dead Seabass Head.

We went to the Book of Morman, It was a fabulous show. The only problem was that earlier I had fallen down stairs on my derriere, as a result I had a bruised coxis ( can’t spell it). Before the show we had supper in a nice Italian place. I got one of those self-heating patches from the chemist and put it in my underwear just where the bruise was. Trouble being that it was not long before I felt as if I were about to combust. I enquired of the Knight of the realm whether he thought I could remove it without causing a terrible incident. Surprisingly he urged me to go for it which I did after much manoeuvring . There it was in my hand like a used sanitary item . The Knight had just finished a very large sea bass, its head lay there surprisingly lifelike eyes and all. We both looked at it and there was tacit agreement. The Knight urged me on tossing a napkin over the plate and quick as a flash I had it in the head it reared ominously a horrible vision before us , the waiter came and removed the plates , we left hurriedly …. Did we hear a scream from the kitchen……..? watch this space.

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