A List Manners on the Bonkette .

It just so happened that I found myself sitting next to an “A List” political has been on a “bonkette” this week. The most famous literary agent in the world gave me lunch at a place where lots of politicos go with their secretary’s; I refer to the male ones of course. This particular one arrived before his date and placed himself firmly on the bonkette. A nice looking girl came soon after, he did not elevate himself upon her arrival and allowed her to sit with her back to the room while he sprawled opposite her. She was obviously a journalist and the literary agent and moi who are best friends strained to hear what they were saying. He did not rate us as worthy of any attention, and therefore was very indiscreet!! Bad calculation actually …. The man’s name begins with A and he is more than a little involved in some fall out from one of those awful scandals which regularly sweep the palace of Westminster. Apart from the fact that his story was supremely dull, we have heard it all before anyway, the real story for me was his disgusting manners, these did not improve as the lunch went on they explained a lot .

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