A Second Home in the China Sea, While the Cats Away….. and Casting a Light.

I sat next to a woman at dinner yesterday, who seemed a bit vacant, she had so many face lifts that she could not eat properly and spoke through clenched teeth in a transatlantic drawl; it was hard making conversation with her actually. Somehow in the list of questions I wheel out on these occasions, I tried the one about “so where did you say you live?” she said she lived in London and mentioned some other watering holes, and as an afterthought said she owned forty thousand square miles of the China Sea. I don’t know about you but I thought this was a tad on the vulgar side.Oddly I met another woman recently who also mentioned property in the China Sea; what’s with this China Sea thing, I must be missing out on something? I wonder if people like that really register ordinary people like moi ( I had just spent all my savings on having my hair done, an indicator of the impecunious state around here!!!) I mean what are they going to say to God when they arrive at the pearly gates … ..? Will he know that they own  thousands of square miles of the China Sea. I hope you like the juxta position. I tried a few of my long fancy words on the first specimen and also told her that I have met no less than two popes wearing my grandmothers veil, that she also wore to meet the pope. She was not impressed … … but she wasn’t to know it was all bollocks ……. if you go out you here a lot of that however it is true that I once fell over on a sharp surface and severed my ear which was resown quite beautifully by a young medical student . Last week I slipped on the ice and cracked a rib. Nobody round here seems to have taken this on board except for the fact they have to load their own stuff into the washing machine.

Sir Hartley Shagwell has just abducted Grace Lively from a musical soiree at St James Palace tomorrow, Sir Hartley is to face his comeuppance I have had to put the whole thing on hold as usual as the household dramas do not allow such luxuries as novel writing, even if it is basically accurate and actually very interesting eg nothing really changes does it?

The Sainted One has been away and I had planned a very lovely “Pink ticket weekend ” but this was not to be he had to come back a drama of unbelievable dimensions. Thank you God for the NHS it does produce the goods when the chips are down. I am going to scrub the kitchen floor rib of no rib, I had to cancel my wonderful lunch with my group of whacky women. It sucks actually.

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