Being Shafted, The Hole in the Road and Covent Garden Therupy.

Yesterday started badly! There are five files on my desk which have a red alert on them. One is a business transaction we are involved with, the success of which is essential. This kicked off again yesterday … negative information gloomy prognostications etc. This sent me into a spiral, then there are also a number of health issues around here, some of them are mine, but there is only one matron here and that is moi , so mine are kicked into the long grass. One of my ailments is Diputrens constricture of the finger .I have had two operations, neither of which has worked. Anyway, this also upset me yesterday. Plus there have been two horribly sad extended family bereavements in the last week ….there is much more of course . But things started to get better when I gathered my marbles along with the washing (in which I found my boiled pashmina) I realized the turd in the fruit salad of the business project had an agenda; basically it was to squeeze us off the map and then pick up the bits on the cheap. Of course! Why didn’t I get it? Problem vaguely under control. I set off to have lunch with one of the funniest women I know, on the top floor of Peter Jones, so everything was on the up. But nemesis was ready and waiting…… the man trap in the pavement issue came up! A collapsed service trap just outside our gate, a naked hole just big enough for a pair of legs which I encountered on my cheerful return.

Still suffering from an injury to my leg sustained on the door of the dish washer ( which they leave open to kill me) What happens. ? ??????? Several calls to the council later, nothing has been done we lined up the dustbins around it but this morning the “binpersons” got pissed off and threatened to issue us with a fine for obstructing the pavement. They then took offence and sorted through everyone’s rubbish, there are now some unmentionable objects laid out on the next door houses walls. I rang again about the hole after I had been to the surgery to have the leg dressed. The girl on the council emergency line  immediately gave me the email for compensation claims which she advised me to pass on the anyone else who was injured. In THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!!!

The gaping crevasse is still there and someone went into it with a push chair . But I can cope with anything now after a supreme evening at the Ballet Onegin at Covent Garden the Sainted One is up there with the stars now. But why is it that people have to suck bottles of water all the time? My “Essex Woman” neighbour glugged away even at the moment when Lenski got shot. I commiserated with her loudly in the next interval via the S O, for having such a terrible medical condition, requiring a constant oral drip and explored with John whether there might be a better way of delivering it intravenously through a bag; he just looked away embarrassed , I think she heard because she put the bottle away.

The postman delivered a small parcel form the hand surgeon this morning containing a weird contraption, a horrible splint to straighten the finger. This finally made me cry, which I do very well, because even with the video explaining it, I could not get it on my finger.. There were four men eating breakfast here, they all heard the wailing along with my adorable cleaning assistant, which was good, because at least it shows they care. We finally worked it out … but it is not at all a good look, one of them suggested it could be used for something altogether different, that’s the one who looks like an Italian sculpture.

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