“One Door Closes, another Door Closes” and the Magnifying Mirror.

One door closes and another door closes is not a moi original, someone I admire very much said it to me today, I thought it illustrated perfectly the use of humour that is the emollient for daily life . I try to stand still but I cannot, that is not an option. I mean, that for some reason it all whirls on like a weird TV series, you would not believe for example a very important meeting is taking place in our house yesterday, when someone pointed to the window and announced the house across the road was on fire. It was, flames exploding the windows and black greasy clouds of smoke. The top two floors gutted in a few minutes. The fire service arrived in an instant , fire out, job done, the guy in the basement slept through it all, even when the fire man bashed down the door and went up with several hoses . The place is a wreck and the cause was a magnifying mirror on a table in the window reflecting the midday sun. Our meeting resumed when there was no sign of an ambulance !?!?. We were all remarkably cool I thought. I mentioned it to the Sainted One when he emerged from his man cave after our meeting was finished he replied with spontaneous insouciance “ yes I noticed that, when’s lunch?” This was predictably annoying . It put me in mind of the time when he rang me from Westminster whilst I was holding the fort in the constituency and I screamed that the house was on fire and the neighbours helping to evacuate the dogs etc, the fire crew interrupted the call, he did not ring back, it is what is called keeping cool yeh?

What a fantastic country we live in, people set fire to their rooms and it get dealt with, they are ill and by and large it gets dealt with, the list is endless, dustbins, buses, streets, effluent, heating, water, you name it we have it and who the heck delivers? Is it those idiots in parliament who fall for the same old trap, reality check please dodgy Chinese businessmen with loads of dosh and fake hairpieces with microphones concealed in their flies  has anyone noticed the footage is always shot from under a table … don’t these people wonder what they are doing down there ? It is unbelievable, The truth is, there is a vast army out there who are kind caring and conscientious. They are independent of Westminster, that is the beauty of it, the show just goes on. We have had a lot of them around in the last few weeks, every one of them smiling and they have moved mountains. My amazing courageous daughter has just had another serious operation and never complains, I see nothing but love surrounding her.

Beatrice one of my spaniels delivered me a present today, carefully laid on my pillow, an old leather belt she had dug up in the end of the garden, my cleaning assistant’s husband has turned his hand to wine making, we had some tonight. Sandy our fox has found a wife ….. I must remember to doll up the compost, some smoked salmon and peanut butter sandwiches to make sure their progeny do not grow up with nut allergy’s, I shall drop this into the household chatter, now that will get a reaction, very rewarding, lots of trumpeting and shouting, you see it is the small things which mean a lot  talking of which, we are about to watch the programme on the workings of parliament, believe me it is all SMOKE AND MIRRORS, and a lot of mice and leaking effluent and  suchlike, there are of course the token youthful blond hunks who think they can change the system; but they never will, it is just its own little self sufficient planet, outside just isn’t real, did the SO really spend twenty seven years in that place, it explains a lot?

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