Il Retorno Del Nipote, Babettes Feast a la Clapham, and The Phone Bill.

The return of the nephew is a joy, wonderful conversations about food, and a departure from the awful repetition which overtakes my cooking. It’s partly because the Sainted One does not seem able to distinguish between pasta and rice. One of those idiotic spats started about this, the Nipote’s fabulous risotto was hailed by the S.O as pasta. This misinformation was substantiated by the fact that risotto was “under the heading of pasta in restaurants.” Frankly I was not prepared to engage with this. So there was another “stand off “ But things got very serious today when the phone bill was put on my desk with all calls itemized and checked some underlined in red with stern notes. But there was one item which necessitated a long a grim letter , it was a call to a mobile on January 21rst costing over ten pounds. “Talk Talk” have been instructed to investigate this fully, and I am informed that depending on the outcome of the investigation the consequences for the guilty one will be severe. I have put ten pounds on his desk and informed him that it was a call made by moi !!!!! He would be advised not to press charges, it takes two to tango and it was soooooo much fun this is not a good look S.O, ignorance is sometimes advisable.

There was a gathering here two days ago seventeen women who were all connected in the most delightful way, somebody gave me a chef as a present, it was quite the best thing which has happened for a long time. He made enough food to feed ten more in the evening . There was a lot of rubbish in the recycle which was left by the bin men because there was some tangerine peel in one of them. Well I suppose in every life a little rain must fall.

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