Another Year , The day I Ate a Spider and Psalm 139.

So another year, another cake, and another joke or two? I had a wonderful birthday, after all it is important to receive as well as to give, and so I did, buckets of it , and there was Christohpe the chef I could never make food as delicious as that, the best present anyone could think of. He is in the background of the picture on my blog. Any woman should be judged by their women friends and mine are a class act, goodness do I adore them. Someone whom I admire for their quick humour ( a man , it makes a change) remarked that it was another year to look back on, I replied that I was concerned about the fact that there might be very few people at my funeral which was obviously a year closer; I added a bit resentfully that there would be hundreds at his but that I would probably not be there to see them, “neither will I” he came back, a trifle mournfully, because he likes nothing better than a good party.

Now to the humour bit, one of my six grandsons is keen on practical jokes, he once put cling film under the loo seat so I peed all over the floor and my clothes, frankly it was not very funny, but worse was to come recently, as you will see; fully aware that I am an arachnophobiac, he put a spider in the stem of my glass, I was rather merry at the time and didn’t spot it until the last sip. How about that? Has he ever heard of hostages to fortune, this will be a big one!

I felt very low today, positively engulfed by strangely malevolent forces, they could not be ignored, and had to be addressed full on for fear of irrevocable damage. Are people really bad? The answer is yes, but they kid themselves that they some sort of high moral plane, when actually they are out for themselves. I urge them to read psalm 139, the most beautiful of all, I read it at three am, it set me up.

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