Gaslighting, Smooth Talking, and John Major and the Cold Sore.

The Sainted One had a field day when I went away for forty eight hours. He could indulge all his fetishes without interruption, don’t get me wrong, this is not what you might think. He sorted rubbish (putting the contents of bags into other bags) reloaded the dishwasher, sorted the cutlery drawer and the latest, which is bulb changing swopping blown fuses into lights which are considered superfluous to requirements. This might explain why I found a hair on my chin after a very smart dinner party with some immaculate women, I think I did not look good and there was a rather bright downlight so maybe the chin was not as conspicuous as I thought? It must be said though, the S.O redeemed himself by reading out loud the last ten thousand words of my book which is now two thirds completed. He does it quite beautifully, it’s all the training you see that is what politicians do . While I was away I met some impressive women , but some of the time we were at cross purposes, one of them mentioned she had a son who was a chef and working at Checkers. I perked up a lot and mentioned the time I sat next to John Major at Checkers and counselled him about his large cold sore, I suggested some Zvorax cream might cure it before his high level meetings the following week. He said he couldn’t go to a chemist and had nobody to send. The S.O took some round to Number Ten…. I had such a nice letter. The lady thought I was insane, Checkers was a local restaurant.

One must not do this sort of thing, I have made a note. At the weekend I am catering for the extended family again, my son’s birthday. My cooking is awful at the moment, so watch this space.

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