The Missing Salmon Fillet, the Poppadum, and The Begonias.

So I had shingles, it’s horrible, and you have to get the antiviral very quickly, so that’s alright then. It is caused by stress they tell me. Well fat chance of getting way from a reoccurrence then. I went to stay with some really jolly friends for two days and left the residents to fend for themselves! The Sainted One has a favourite response to infirmity which is “don’t worry about me I can look after myself.” That is all very well but the forty eight hour escape was not reassuring. There was no food whatsoever in the house ….. there was mention of a salmon fillet, this was to feed four and the dogs, there was an air of desperation in the house and then they found one poppadum in the fridge. I asked about the salmon fillet and suggested it might be sloping round the garden or out on the town with some frozen peas. Anyway I went to Sainsbury’s because I am an idiot. But then just when things could not get more stressed my very witty best friend reminded me that we were approaching begonia time, OMG I had forgotten , this is when the sainted one gets those revolting red ones and puts them about the garden and gives all my Sarah Raven seedlings a nervous breakdown…. Bugger begonias I hate the damn things, I have poured myself a large Gin.