Hell is Where The Home is, THe Act and Acts of Violence in Sloane Square.

Ok Nemesis I was dumb, I remarked to the Sainted One that things might be getting a bit better round here, this was greeted with a grunt, which is not of course unusual. But Nope Nemesis in all her effulgent glory had other plans didn’t she? Day one of nightmare….. three pneumatic drills with demented axeman operators Next door of course, but for all intents and purposes in my house the party wall is very thin the Victorians didn’t imagine such massive destruction possible of course our poor old house survived the bombings in world war two but this no way. Cracks in the ceilings of the man cave!!!!! Enter psycho woman, my neighbour heard it in his bath he said he almost thought I was in the bath with him poor Guy that would have resulted in trauma from which he might never have recovered, then I discovered THE ACT; this is to be revered by all parties ,if you get my drift it is biblical and I have a genius selection of sons in law, all of them are intimately familiar with the draconian content of the above. At one point it was politely suggested by unconverted perpetrators of “Act Ignorance” that we should remove pictures from all walls and all contents into the middle of the rooms in case things fall off walls etc, of course as a health and safety precaution I have ordered hard hats for all of us in case the house collapses Oh Yeh???? Thirty years on the bench and a lot of that married to the incumbent of a marginal Parliamentary seat where violence was not uncommon during elections (Also sixteen living descendants) oh and I forgot the journalism bit, has taught me a subtle form of hard ball, so scary polish blokes with drills be aware in English perhaps? I have learned that ignorance of the law lands you in a lot of trouble. After all I used to send people down for that…… well anyway this kind of thing as Lady Bracknell ( upon whom I model myself) said “leads to acts of violence in Grosvenor square”. And all because of a bit of damp…. Ever heard of a dehumidifier wonderful things those they cost forty pounds and Peter Jones. Pity PJ does not sell common sense.

We got away from the bomb site for a day to witness the confirmation of one of my beautiful granddaughters, I was reminded that it will soon be ascension day when my school had a day off this is a day of miracles , some lovely Jehovahs Witnesses just came to the house, we prayed together, of course my prayers are fairly predictable in the circumstances, no prizes there then. I have been to the Citadel on The Isle of Wight there is a lot to be said about that but another time they are very inspirational. Watch this space at present our space has been violated and the Sianted One will not be able to have the carefully planned surgery which will relieve him of a life of pain ….. well actually I don’t know about that dear people no I really don’t . The Lord rules in mysterious ways,

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