The C Word, Panorama and “Cancer is My Teacher by Lucy O Donnell.

So the worst moment for a family is the diagnosis for the one you love . After that the family coasts on the shirt tails of the sufferer. In our case my daughter. Lucy took it head on and wrote a book “Cancer Is My Is My Teacher”, which is now a bible for people who get this horrible disease. We saw it all dramatized on BBC TV with startling reality in “The C Word ” This was a real story of bravery and the girl in the programme showed courage and optimism beyond words. Of course it did not have a happy ending, and left us all very emotional. Of course my daughter watched it and soon after wards sent me a link to a Panorama programme which revealed the exciting breakthrough in Cancer treatment form which my wonderful inspirational daughter is benefitting. She is now an ambassador for this new world of hope for sufferers and is raising thousands of pounds for research into the treatments which would have saved the girl in the BBC film. “Proud” hardly fits the bill it is so much more than that.

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