The Chucking of Chuka, Moses lost in the Wilderness, and the Savaging of Farage.

Sir John Knott remarked to me, when I interviewed him pre Falklands that ninety percent of ministerial appointments end in disappointment and redundancy. How right he was, Chuka Umunna, has made a wise decision, he will go onto great heights in other spheres whilst keeping a well-dressed toe in Westminster. There is poor old Ed lost in the wilderness with his six commandments , unfortunately carved in stone, which must end up as a garden ornament. And don’t get me started on Nigel Farage, he may have become rather excitable, but give the Guy a break, he got an obscure party four million votes He expects gratitude but it is not going to happen, the party is over, he should know that and become a lofty sage financed by the European Parliament , but power corrupts.

Robert Montague is rather a nice person, but he misguidedly wrote a kiss and tell autobiography revealing the fact that his father a serving Member of Parliament abused him for four years when he was a child, as a result records at the time reveal that Dorset police dismissed the offences as “very mild” it would seem that the next step is to open the enquiry again. The damage this must have already caused to the Montague family must be enormous. It was back in the seventies, awful if correct but who is this serving, where is it going, it must be a case of posthumous revenge Montague junior should get over it? In life shit happens. Saville and all the kiddy fiddlers have opened a can of worms which must be pursued on behalf of people who have been largely forgotten, but powerful aristos have other ways of redress. I wonder if this was the right way to go about it, after all they have access to years of expensive private therapy.

I had an operation this week to straighten my finger as a result of Dupytron’s constrictor, the offending finger is now splinted in an erect position, a lorry driver went berserk yesterday while I sat benignly arm held up for comfort in the passenger seat of the Sainted One’s car on the way back from hospital. OMG. So it wasn’t the SOs driving.


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