In Every Reign a Little Life must Fall, Depression, and Sods Law

Yep, the malapropism was of course intended, learning to welcome and accept an Aswan damn of vicissitudes which gather at the walls of your castle of which you might think you are in control, is the trick, but what shines through, if you are clever enough to see it, and not on the floor of the parrot cage, is that by and large the world is full of some good kind people who come through the darkness. The Sainted One asked me why I looked so tired and washed out, after all I had only been driving a car for five hundred miles interspersed with challenges of incredible heart break…… well there it is folks time for another gin (which I made for myself.) Better to say nothing as opposed to everything. Being with someone you love who has depression is the most awful thing imaginable. You cannot tune into the weird and ghastly pain they endure, your heart goes to them you offer creature comforts which in normal circumstances would nurture and give them joy. But they do not it is all a waste of time, and you end up not caring for yourself hence my absence from my blog . I get a lot of responses, it is good to be connected with the friendship of strangers. And my blog is the bridge that connects me with the world of writing, particularly the astonishing human beings who make us what we are, the ones who are long gone and could not believe the world we have made of their courageous bequests. More tomorrow?

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