Alaexandra Schulman, Panic Attacks, Psalm73.

The Saturday Times Colour supplement ran an interview yesterday about Alexandra Schulman the editor of Vogue. Apparently she has panic attacks, I was not exactly surprised to hear that. Schulman is a fabulous woman , she would not remember, but years ago she was an editor on the Telegraph, I wrote a number of pieces for her, one about a perfect woman who had it all and was a perfectionist freak. I mentioned that she kept her handkerchiefs with a little piece of tissue paper between each one, carefully cut to size by her own immaculate hand. Alexandra was a wonderful person to write for, sharp as a tick with an eye for the ridiculous. I hoped she was as chaotic as I am but forensically focussed on what really matters. The point is of course she has panic attacks she needs to, there are many who would be jealously watching her amazing charm and brilliance and cleverness whilst still being what my dad would have called a “good egg” . Dull people with perfect lives really don’t have lives at all. They probably never encounter all the creepy, folk the ones who circle around trying to steal up on us in the dark and according to Psalm73 have ”eyes swelling with lust and do even what they and lust” and still “come to no misfortune. But read on people “suddenly they do perish and come to a fearful end” I betcha Shulman has her challenges and some of them with issues beyond her control. What a great woman and she is not thin and who gives a damn.

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