A Snoring Crab, A Boxing Fish, And Compassion in World Farming.

A child’s mind is a wondrous thing, it is uncluttered by the discovery that the world is a bad place, (of course this is not so for many) but protected from the reality if you can and let the imagination go to a fantastic place you must not touch it or the bloom will be gone . On a very long train journey this week, to a funeral in the West Country, a little girl opposite kept us all enchanted, one of the things she came up with was the crab and the fish, she plucked it from nowhere and then drew it on a piece of paper which I have.

It would be a mistake to rain on that wonderful parade and mercifully that little girl does not have to think about the awful cruelty to animals with which we are surrounded and which by and large we try to ignore, that little girl will one day be given her first pony whom she will love and cherish as if he or she were her own baby. She will not be aware of the horrors that await so many little spindly legged foals as they gaze wide eyed at the first glimpse of the world. Last week CWF highlighted Peter Stevenson’s work on Compassion In World Farming’s campaign against the live transport of animals. In the 1990,s GB exported 2.5 million animals annually. Many of these ended up in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. The suffering they endured was horrific. On one occasion five thousand two hundred sheep were found dead on one journey to Jordan.

Thanks to the work of CWF many active lobbyists and some members of parliament, of which my husband was one, we no longer do this. But guess what? Not so with many E U countries, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, France and Germany are an astonishing and shameful example no surprises there. So there you have it, so much for the E U!!!!!! when should the little girl on the train be told how it really is?

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