Dog Mix on the Salad, and Audience Manners.

Today I spent some time watching a young man watering a plant box with bottled water in the pouring rain. Well so what you might say? “Good point” I might reply , well that stuff is lethal and if it doesn’t poison human beings try it on the plants. Give me London Tap water any day kidneys are wonderful filters. I asked the young man if he knew the name of the ragged plant not so far murdered by his attentions, he said he didn’t, I told him it was Rosemary, he said it couldn’t be because that was a girl’s name and the plant was a boy. That does make some kind of sense actually, its spiky and smelly. I came home and put small bite dog mix on the salad .

The Nipote watched and asked me if that was a very English thing?

Well you can’t get more English than Hamlet by William S the great bard himself, the greatest English writer there is, but give it a new slant ?……. The great soliloquy, you know the one, (about if you are being or not) gets moved and put as a sensational opener. Well what do you expect a new and stupid audience who drive the Pop star status leading man to virtual suicide? They are the sort of people who eat boiled sweets shift in their seats, fiddle with their bits and talk all the time and , wait for it ,make videos, Mr Cumberbatch must educate them, stop the show and shame the offenders, nothing like naming and shaming, works every time Kevin Spacy did it so it must be right.

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