An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison, Manic Depressive Illness, Under the Wire and the Hidden Victims.

My brother had Manic Depressive Illness. Although to be honest I never saw so much of the Manic part. A lot of sixties fast living I suppose and then the messing with barbiturates which eventually killed him, or he killed him when he was a beautiful twenty two year old man with everything to live for. If only I had been able to read Kay Jamison’s book, An Unquiet Mind, then instead of now, I could have made some sense of it. But then it was all hushed up and I felt a sort of sort of shame and I didn’t get it. I read this book in the last two days and it is as if a curtain has lifted. The wonders of Lithiam the openness of discussing this horrible disease which recurs in families. The awful lasting collateral damage to the people who try so desperately to help while they struggle with surviving their own life challenges, these people who are just the bit part actors in this awful drama played out by the sufferer who can only engage in their own pain, a pain so hideous as to be beyond pain as we know it but at the same time compelling for the sufferer because they are still in control. They can play with their fete while we watch helplessly. Then along comes Lithiam and they recover they get back to a normal life, but the other participants I am not so sure about them. I am told that God will only send you what you are able to cope with I am not sure about that either . Charles …… I wonder what sort of man he would have been if there had been the advancements in mental health care then? I would have had a lot of fun with him that is for sure he would be in his late sixties, a father, a husband, a lover for someone, a friend, a son a “BROTHER” . Thank you Kay Jamison. Everyone should read this book almost all families have someone like this, somewhere acting out their drama under the wire while nobody gives it a name the new name incidentally is Bipolar but I think the old one describes it rather better.

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