Lucy’s Gratitude Walk, Cancer Research and one Very Special Friend

My daughter Lucy O Donnell was diagnosed with incurable metastasised breast cancer three and a half years ago has just completed a sixty mile walk of half of the south downs way to raise money for the Institute of Cancer research Research. There are many remarkable things about this which are truly wondrous, of course the endeavour itself, but then the fact that she had just had a hip replacement and most especially the friend Lucinda Bruce who did this with her. This was a brave leap of faith and a measure of the love that is universally felt for Lucy. A latter day Pilgrims Progress for them both. Of course it rained it got very cold then blisteringly hot and each night at a new watering hole . What a journey and if anyone wants to contribute to the thousands of pounds these two intrepid women raised it is www.justgiving/lucysgratitudewalk. The money is to the various agency’s which have made Lucy’s gift of life possible. We all thank them from the bottom of our hearts for what they have done for this remarkable daughter mother wife and friend .

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