Forty Five Years, The Curtains, and Robert Walpole.

The film Forty Five Years has five star reviews, which is why we went to see it. I loathed it and came out feeling really depressed, what is it about the critics? Basically it is a dismal tale based on a short story which should have been summed up in two words (not very nice ones) . There is a lot of “flaccid “geriatric groping with too much information and coy references to “it” being the bypass victim’s you know what. Long lingering shots of damp countryside in Norfolk, Laura Ashley décor and a perfectly awful anniversary party, hence the title. The depressed husband, Tom Courtney, has just heard that his ex has been found preserved in a glacier for fifty years. She fell down a fissure in the alps, well obviously …… We are kept in suspense for two hours as to why etc. There are some knowing long looks off camera and yes Charlotte Rampling does have the eyes of a killer. They eat noisily with their mouths open in a dull kitchen, she is really jealous of the dead ice queen… no need actually , there is a tiny twist there but so obscure that the Sainted One missed it .

Talking of Laura Ashley, I replaced the disgusting curtains in the S.O ‘s bathroom and put the old ones out in the road where things are usually snapped up. After two days they went in the dead of night. The S. O finally acquiesced to public opinion although he still maintains they had a lot of wear in them. I wonder if that opinion would apply to moi?

Sir Robert Walpole the first Prime Minister of our great democracy has come into focus in my latest novel (the longest creation in history owing to domestic circumstances which fuddle my brilliant brain). His secret an adept avoidance of controversy I am studying his technique. Of course it got him in the end but he still remained friends with George II who had had to dismiss him. History is very predictable with hindsight .

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