All Party Search, Bacon Buddies, Writers “sit on their arses all day”.

The Sainted One is somewhere in Northern France in a Moroccan theme hotel described in the brochure as suitable for “Un weekend Amareuse”, yes it is spelt like that! But that is a long story and not quite as exciting as it sounds. This was all about using a credit for a Ferry to Le Havre which could not be refunded and expired on Sept 20th. The chosen spar had no parking facilities so luckily the car exploded on the motorway and is to be transported back to Portsmouth with full military honours and then who knows!!!!!!!. This is a heroic story of endurance and survival. Also very expensive since there was no European insurance cover . So bang goes the weekend break in Frinton on Sea then.

Well in every life a little rain must fall, but it did not fall two nights ago when I went to celebrate the marriage of my dearest friends son to a beautiful girl in the most perfect of settings. It was a fabulous occasion and confirmed that it is indeed a beautiful life. They are a family of great people and it is a love match made in heaven, the speeches were touching and erudite I cried quietly and smudged some mascara on the white Pashmina, one of which was on the back of each delicate white chair. These are such brave generous people and did not betray ever, that they were desperately worried about a beloved member of the family who with great dignity went to heaven the following morning. The news came from my literary agent who worked on this magical lady’s book beside her bed for all most a year. It is a strange and perfect journey, the Book is called “The Gratitude Cradle” ( by Rhona Beck) an extraordinary vivid account of a Jewish Family, over the years . It lives on as does the presence of this remarkable woman.

All the boys are here at the moment, I always know because there is a constant aroma of delicious bacon being cooked at all hours of the day and night. They lighten the house and one of them did all the cooking yesterday and washed up after yet another crazy family party. This relaxation was much needed as days have been peppered now with building nightmares which have continued for four months unabated. I enquired politely this morning about the plans for stone cutting today and was told to eff off because I was interrupting their work “Do you read?” I asked, you see I work at home and I write books and I can’t work what with the noise dust and all ….. “ “I don’t give a f….K was the answer “you sit in your arse all day and I have never read a book anyway.” “ so you never went to school I murmured reasonably” “No I effing didn’t that’s why I am doing this so eff off anyway.” If this is not a case for paying teachers more than doctors I don’t know what is” . I have an aunt Lavender who came to stay the other night . She is very, very deaf but likes to listen to Wagner in the evenings. ! I find it extremely powerful music is so good for people don’t you think ? Enforced listening to Wagner might be helpful to a lot of people. A reminder of where the power actually is. In the mind !

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