Ashes, Blow Back and Sybil.

I have gone off Sybil, there was a secret Spreading of ashes recently and owing to a high wind and a reluctance by the Sainted One to indulge in sissy things like hand washing somebody has ended up on Sybil’s steering wheel. Since this happened I have felt very nauseous which is probably a good thing because I put on two pounds at my friends birthday dinner. I sneakily attended to Sybil with a wet wipe this morning. I am sure she was grateful in her own way. This whole area is one I have not thought about in detail before but I think it should be done with little gold shovels or even disposable ones. I personally do not want to end up in someone’s soup or being washed out of their hair with Pantene. It is against my religious principles actually.

Some rather valuable spoons disappeared recently, I searched in vain and they have mysteriously reappeared , I am very suspicious about this and the Sainted One has his Inspector Clusot hunched look. I am absolutely certain that he is planning some repeat adventure this time with Sybil as he killed the other one in weird circumstances. The spoons were in a brief case, this must surely be running away money, those spoons were hidden from me because I once ate my porridge off one. This is a man who was not born with a protuberance of silver spoons sticking out of you know where ….. but a lot can happen with Knight vision goggles . I have some ….. no . no what can you be thinking? I once knew a man who had to have his eyes put back with oiled golden spoons after he had achieved satisfaction. I never saw this for myself but I think it is still widely discussed.

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