Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan, Taboo about Cancer and Royal support in Jordan,

My daughter Lucy O’Donnell is in Jordan launching her book about her fight against breast cancer with the support of HRH Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan. This must be an inspirational breakthrough in a country where women by and large keep things under wraps. Two beautiful women supporting a frank approach to this awful disease will give hope to thousands of women and send all the proceeds of this event to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation centre.

The world is full of wonder women some of whom are my granddaughters designer gifts from heaven, one of whom “Gussie” is in the two recent pictures on my blog. In one of them is Moi trying to hide flanked by two beauties and the other OMG this is “THE FRANCESCA” usually called Fran. She is the owner of Metro a fabulous restaurant in Clapham ,Gussie works for her when she is not swanning to exotic water holes the other side of the planet so also does one of my grandsons. We are now what I can only call family and moi is commonly referred to as Gaga (which is fairly accurate actually). Fran is not only beautiful but fiercely bright and creative which all reflects in the delicious and tight ship which is her halcyon corner of Clapham where she is Queen supreme. Garden eating in the summer and log fires in the winter. And entertainment as well, clever musicians whom she has discovered and sent on to great things. I had a surprise trip with Fran and Gussie yesterday, it doesn’t often happen because I grub about a lot, and if you live with someone who is obsessed with DIY you have to be determined to remember that it is not the grouting in the paving which will be remembered, it is a magical autumn day spent with two brilliant clever people, a gourmet lunch and the deer sleeping silkily in the shade of an oak tree on Richmond Common.

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