The Battle of Agincourt, the Pork Pie and sown up Pockets.

The Battle of Agincourt, the Pork Pie and sown up Pockets.

The Battle of Agincourt was celebrated in Westminster Abbey today. The resident Knight of the Realm otherwise known as the “Sainted One” attended this today a new suit had been secretly purchased so as not to set an example of lavish expenditure which might encourage moi to go over the top with a double pack of the M&S knickers I have been saving up for. Problem was the pockets were sown up and I was unable to unpick them quickly enough. So off the SO went . On the return he was intercepted in the hallway having been told to do something imaginative about lunch since the kitchen would be closed until tea time. There was a furtive return and something was bulging out of the pocket of the old suit. After a very brief reply to my enquiry during which a learned that Princess Pushy kept the whole of the abbey waiting as she was late. It was announced that the protrusion in the pocket was a pork pie which was to be consumed at once in the “mancave” whilst watching doctors. ( a fatuous medical soap where everyone has hysterectomy’s ) I mean how many wombs do these people actually have? A friend of mine warned me that they grow again. OMG just when I thought things were getting better round here. I think things are better though particularly some help with the out of control garden which is being tamed by a magician who also tames for a very posh person whom I cannot mention in case it looks like another attempt at delusory grandeur.

I am just reading up the second outbreak of scurvy on Anson’s epic voyage in 1742 for a moment, I thought it sounded a bit similar to my elbow scrotum at least the start of it, the accounts are horrific beyond the imagination. Anson’s discovery of the intake of vitamin C was one of the greatest proof of the best medical research being proved by statistics. The admiralty did not concede this for another forty years.

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