The Livery Dinner, The Book,and The Texas Belle.

Let’s start with the book. I have just delivered my eighty thousand word book Summers Grace to the inspired and gentle editor. A woman asked me at lunch, by way of a very dull conversation, if I had done anything interesting that day. I smiled happily and told her in an excited tone that I had just finished my book after two years, despite many interruptions. There followed, what I now see was a patronizing silence and then she put a comforting hand on my shoulder and asked “What was the book? That’s a long time to read one book.” I couldn’t help giving the icy look (for which I am so much loved and admired) as I replied “No I wrote it. actually”. This has caused great mirth in the fabulously intelligent and enlightened literary circles in which I move so effortlessly.

The Livery dinner was of course a city affair of enormous splendour with a lot of ritual stuff which I gaffed up of course, a bit too much saliva exchange starting with a bowl of water and rose petals between courses which some of the men blobbed around giving themselves facial ablutions by the time it got to me I could only think of the two thousand bacteria floating about. But worse was to come in the form of the loving cup from which you were supposed to sip everyone’s wash back. I made the gesture of course but germs is germs people. My neighbour was symbolically turning the back as I did not sip the noxious fluid, in theory with sword at the ready in case I was assassinated. I don’t think anyone noticed. Of course there is a lot to be said about city Livery companies, part of a great heritage. For quite a lot of the evening I talked with a very beautiful teacher about the consequences of fourteen year old girls being rated according to their expertise in Oral Sex amongst their male peer group apparently this is not a shared pleasure so “why” I asked myself? This is a shocking and dismal fact about which I was informed in the local Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight this Summer, I forgot to ask the teacher if this was legal?

One of the Texan cousins has been here a wonderful wise girl, it is not the same in West Texas, we discussed it in Peter Jones the next day. She is coming to stay here next September for a year,!!!!! God is kind.

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