Don’t Poke the Bear! The Word Was Shopping, And Now the Word Is Statements.

You know there are boundaries, even sweet tempered people like moi who are greatly loved for their reticence and constancy?/// have a tipping point. Such a situation occurred recently when a very noisy woman began pawing her male neighbours at dinner. Neither recipient was in my opinion man enough to discourage this, which I know full well to be a contradiction in terms. However when one of the jewelled age spotted hands went under the table cloth. An approach was made and in terms of utmost decorum the offender was asked to leave just a little bit of one of the gentlemen for desert, as the rest had been devoured for the starter and the main. This story still has legs believe me it does

It’s not that the event merited a “bitch fight” really It’s just very disrespectful like someone eating off your plate even when you might have decided you have had enough and don’t like yesterdays mashed potato. Well you all know what I mean. Later that evening a woman who looked as if she would fall to pieces if she smiled, which of course she could not because her face was pumped like an over ripe steak tomato lent towards me and told me I had quite a pretty face, but it needed a lot of work on it. “ WORK” I screamed you don’t know what the word means try the ten loads of washing dragged up five flights of stairs or disinfecting five lavatories !!!!!” now that was code for really posh person who owns five “toilets” and all those stairs, yes I do and I have worked hard for them and they are all mine.

I have a terrible turn of phrase when provoked and by and large it is seldom worth the effort, and off course I find now everyone offers me a seat on the bus even people who look older than me . I always accept it would be churlish not to. Actually I find people absolutely charming .

Yes and now it is all over , I mean the festive season when the word was shopping and the word was shopping I dread the post and it all keeps coming lest hope Summers Grace gets made into a film……. Nobody will mess with my potato then you’ll see.

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