Oxymorons, The Spectator and War on James Delinpole.

Shock horror someone wake me from the nightmare. The Spectator hitherto thought by “moi” to be the seat of  “ all there is to know and all that we need to know” (apologies to Keats of course ) has just printed a review of Andrew Davies garish, and moronic “ adaptation” aka massacre of War and Peace, the greatest literary masterpiece of all time, and the world’s best-selling book (apart from the Bible); in which James Dalinpole describes the awful rendition as up market Downton Abbey. He alludes to the content of the story presumably. War and Peace gives us a sweeping, brilliantly nuanced narrative of the world in turmoil prior to the awful events in Russia which eventually led up to the revolution , the idiocy of Napoleon, and a class divide which changed the map of Europe. I bet Lord Fellowes will be shocked by this, he would never presume to be on the same world stage as the supreme literary genius Tolstoy. Most people whom I regard as credible or literate will always remember when they first read the great book. The metaphors we see replayed in our humble lives, and political catastrophe on a daily basis are all in the page. Take the principle character Pierre in which Tolstoy shows us all the promise of a man awaiting his epiphany, Dalimore gives us a idiot with bad hair…… It is probably true that Hitler did not read it, one of his most awful endeavours would have then been avoided if he had he would have known, for example, that the early migration of birds was an indication of the brutal Russian Winter which comes overnight and takes no prisoners We will watch it anyway of course.

I still have writers elbow which looks like a scrotum, one of my cruel unsympathetic family laughed and chanted “ grandma’s only got one ball.” A bit tricky that , in the present climate of trans gender. Bollocks to that those pretend women will never know the joys of periods or birth pains or mastitis… well dare I say it that is all behind me…. whoops!!!!

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