Epilogue, The Alimentrary Canal and The Elbow Scrotum

This afternoon I finished the epilogue for my book Summers Grace, The Sainted one read it aloud to the recumbent males in his book at bedtime voice and handed it back with one word said in a low voice, “ yes” I don’t know he meant because I was blinded by tears , of course I thought it was superb but who knows what everyone else will think? That will be revealed in due course. Meanwhile it was a bad time to expect a reaction because it was nearing feeding time at the zoo. It is all about stomachs, I wonder if the awful adaptation of War and Peace where a lot of people have empty stomachs will include these important details from the “authentic” on TV again tomorrow but then we are told they have “ removed the boring bits and “ sexed” it up with some cheesy incest”. This I read in the Spectator, I really do not know what has come over them. Is there bit of nepotism going on there? They already quoted the remark that it was like up market Downton Abbey last week I don’t know where Tolstoy is buried but he would not be happy about this…… how about new version of the bible with all the boring bits removed ????? eg the feeding of the five thousand the loaves a fishes etc, let’s get a quote for the weird Archbishop Welby on this we should be making it into a sitcom set in Croydon, or better still Sloane Square the BBC would love that.

The writers elbow is still volcanic with a hole in it, I complained to my doctor that I already had a number of orifices and this was one too many. He looked at me rather strangely. Give me the ballet any day everyone keeps their mouths shut as they did in the beautiful production of Le Corsaire at the Coliseum last night, except for the usual water gluggers of course, why is this?

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