Sara Keays a Courageous Woman, and the Legacy

I always felt great sympathy for Sara Keays. When a married man, and one who is holding high office plays away for twelve years with the same woman, it is reasonable to assume that his wife is not fulfilling his basic needs. Such a risk would only be worth if a great attachment had been formed, dare I say it something like love and even trust of a kind. Basically such women are servicing a marriage for the convenience of the partners. who were “having their cake” etc. But there is no such thing as a free dinner. Sara Keays conceived a child with Cecil Parkinson the man she loved and at first it seemed all the world might love a lover. Promises were made which on reflection were honest a true, these were shared, the child would be loved and take his or her place in the tangled world. But wait! Political careers were at stake what had seemed inevitable did not happen . We had the gospel according to Margaret Thatcher, I suspect this was not her finest hour. What a trail of tragedy resonates down the years. How ironic that a good and talented politician should be remembered for this . Hindsight is a fine thing, Cecil was a nice man and a loyal friend but flawed. There will be a very grand memorial service and fine words will be spoken, tears will be shed large black hats will be worn, but who will spare a thought for Sara Keays and her daughter . She has coped with a terrible tragedy alone, a child who is damaged, with no father to fight for her ,ill-starred lovers indeed. But little Flora was not a child of our times but one of an era steeped in hypocrisy. Twenty years later I think things would have gone very differently, Sarah Keays was brave to think she could buck the system, she underestimated the vulnerability of a man who has achieved high office from humble beginnings and will in the end sacrifice a promise for the status quo, at any cost?

One thought on “Sara Keays a Courageous Woman, and the Legacy

  1. Well said Vanessa, you put this so well. Yes today it would be very different, would anyone even notice or care?

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