Matriarchs, Blame, and Agism.

So its wall to wall hot air in that seat of dishonesty the House of Commons still predominantly male dominated. Last week one of them went after the Prime Minister’s mother who was referred to as a white haired retired Magistrate. Somebody in one of the quality papers quoted Dr Johnson who was alleged to have said “the matriarch is the last refuge of the scoundrel” actually he didn’t . I know that for a fact, but Cicero did say “in medio tutissimus ibis” which is what they all do in there until recently when they decided to slug each other in the balls. Its blood on the floor . In family life it is much the same “all our problems are your fault” being the familiar excuse for bad decisions which result in catastrophe. I don’t remember blaming my parents who were both mad in their different ways and ignored their off spring without demure two of whom met an early death, as a result but I learned to fight the hard way and source some dsitant posh relations, consequently I am a white haired retired magistrate, often described by very stupid people as “tough” aka not dead.

Actually I would quite like to have had myself as a mother and by and large I did.

The Sainted one has taken to the blame game and at the same time calls every one “daing”, which is itself a sign of non-discerning syndrome ; it’s because he was a once in amateur dramatics in the west country which is a place where Winston Churchill said people were mentally deficient. I am waiting for some news about something( not medical) which has profound implications. Nobody her asks about it, just as well ?????? they are scared I expect. I have decided to resume normal life while I wait, namely going to Peter Jones. It is rumoured that someone threw themselves down the open stairwell in the never ending quest for price match.

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