An Insult to Black Actors, the Twenty Year Life Cycle and the Most Annoying remarks of All Time .

Whoever started the hype about black actors not getting Oscars has done a great disservice to all black actors, the suggestion that there should be an obligatory quota of black actors receiving one is seriously insulting to the fabulous black talent both present and future. Just imagine the next black actor who gets and Oscar thinking he or she only got it to fill the quota it is both racist and patronizing, but the whole affair has cast a shadow which will not easily be removed. Chris Rock sang the song alright but it was a great pity he did not ignore this shameful wrong footing, which has diminished the integrity of the men and women who would have thrilled us just as the election of Obama did, one of the most joyous celebrations I can ever remember. This is Political Correctness shooting itself in the foot.

Everything in this house is beginning to collapse, it is known as the twenty year cycle. This house was all fixed when we bought it , everything new, and now it all needs replacing. People come with long faces and supply huge estimates which are from another planet, “parts are not available anymore” they are of another age before these fresh faced youths were born. This does not yet apply to the occupants but I can see it coming . With that in mind I get a lot of helpful advice at the moment the most infuriating of which is “do get some rest,” and then of course “do get some peace” . Come on people rest and peace are what words that appear on grave stones I don’t want either, I want to drink cocktails in the south of France and find the energy to take up salsa dancing. And how can you rest when the underpants are piling up on the laundry floor. Of course the most ghastly phrase of all is to “ reach out” and “share”. People who “reach out” are phonies who don’t give a damn. The duty of care does not need to reach out, people know it is there it is a kind of courage which has no witness and no fanfare or round of applause. I know a lot of those, angels who come and go like the one who found my car keys the other day. The secret of happiness is to be very selective.

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