Talking To The Wall, Birth and Tampaxgate.

I have given birth a few times, finishing a book is quite similar in a way, but then comes the withdrawal. I wallowed in this over Easter, alone in my house for the first time in twenty two years. The mornings were the best bit the glorious wakening . My first word were “ Hello Wall” my two dogs who look at me adoringly and from the wall came no answer Mollie and Beatrice, smiled as they do. I thought about nothing much and a lot about the characters in “Summers Grace” based on the family left behind as George Anson set off to capture the biggest prize in naval history. They of course were there as real as ever, and now comes the exciting bit where words become pages enfolded in a jacket over which I have no control and already I have to reconnect before these people are supplanted by others already waiting in the wings.

Easter is a time of regeneration and time to reflect on the events of the darkness hours of the winter not illuminated by the quality of leadership we expect. I do hope none of the women in the Osborne or Cameron families have not been forced to give up the so described luxury of tampons, for the revoltingness of sanitary towels. How are these people come up with such things? I bet there has been a lot of horrific “Hate Male”, brown paper bags bags left in the loos at my school were horror which scarred me for life. I think the Mrs Osbornes and Cameron should have shown support by publically supporting the plan if they cannot keep their men in order. A luxury indeed someone should have emptied a sack of blood soiled rags on the chancellors desk, the only option for women in the “Period” I have recounted. Its back to the dark ages ladies if these men have their way .I asked the sainted One if he had an opinion on the matter he said he knew nothing about it but he was glad the Europe had done the right thing !!!!!?????? , he has lead a very sheltered life you see, as have the majority of the Tory Cabinet. This is just the tip of the iceberg you wait and see people there is worse to come.

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