“In or Out” or “In and Out” The Secret of Life and Smoking

Yes it is midday and there is a street party planned here not quite as impressive as the Queens but the dilemma is the same the bloody weather. It is pelting down and nobody can put the tables up or anything else . I am for retreating into our various houses and getting sloshed but no plan yet…. I hope it is in. Then the other thing ….. I am not declaring myself yet although I have sent my postal vote. I am following the example of politicians I have known and acclaiming support for the winning side after the event. I have learned some nasty things whilst playing a supporting role in politics. Actually they are not really ubiquitously useful as I do believe fanatically in the truth.

As for “In and Out” this is what drives the youth of today and happily I can identify with this, the dog breeder asked me if I remembered how painful it was when I lost my virginity because my spaniel made such a fuss when she married “Jack” who was very experienced in these matters because that is what he does you see. I drove for seven hours to fetch the impregnated Beatrice and she has looked very pleased with herself since her return the breeder said her tail went up like a “flagpole” after the first bit. They were stuck for twenty minutes and had three goes. As to her question to me I told her I couldn’t remember because I prefer not to. It quite put me off for several years I had a sobriquet “The German Governess” I liked that.

I am looking forward to a day in court form which I will get the maximum publicity… the tenants in a house we let to” non smokers” only SMOKED there for we could not use it for our much anticipated slot. I am allergic to smoke as are all the other delightful people who rent our house ………. I am getting my top lip plumped for all the Mail of Sunday interviews I will be asked to do when I will mention my latest book etc watch this space.

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