A Hole in The Fart Cushion! Remainers, and Power To The Kitten Heel

Emily Hill , writes bravely in the Wondrous Spectator that she is cowardly about owning up to her Brexit Vote, she should not be, mark my words, politicians are usually wrong and their speciality is rewriting history , the domestic and social strife unfolding is bewildering and it is about bad losers. I was at a fabulous party the other night, a perfect example of a harmonious extended family but it ended with a punch up in the street. The aggressor was of course one of the Remain moaners.

We avoided this in our house because the “fart cushion” , a continuous source of amusement here for all family occasions, developed a puncture and the Sainted One did not fulfil his normal role as chief fart, actually there has been enough up the bottom air expended here. It was a metaphor for the so called “peasants revolt “ of which I am a proud representative. No more hot air then just the blame game and Daves off to Ibiza soon. Teresa May is a real Stateswoman, you see we peasants get there in the end. I have heard on the grape vine that some bad losers who placed bets on the Remain being a push over are not paying up because they say it’s not over yet and there must be another vote, oh yes and what about democracy then? Why are they all being such Jeremy Hunts? Matron May will shut them up you will and see the power of the kitten heal is mightier than the sword.

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