Revenge of the Fart Cushion, Who is Angela Leason?????? and Beatrice is having Five Babies.

The Sainted One is trying to murder me again, the garden set on which I sit was carefully held together with, “one small thin screw,” no pun intended. So there we are, moi legs in the air and a bruised derriere tastefully clad in one of the M& S three for one Pants. Very funny I don’t think. Several other weird booby traps have come to my attention. So I went to Peter Jones and acquired six new fart cushions, lots of sniggering from the helpful assistants. As to Angela Leason she needs to sort her eye makeup I am told she could be the next PM that is of course very clever of the committee of grey men who voted for this. So Teresa May inherits a Britain hanging it’s head is shame over Barmy Blairs delusional power trip. But hold on what were all our democratically elected Member s of Parliament doing while this was going on ? I ask this inanely in our quiet homestead for obvious reasons but answer comes there none.

A posh woman I know asked me if my Out Vote was because of all those silly animals she likes to eat never caring about how they came to her idiotic table none of whom has ever spoken to a “common” person. Come to think of it ????? Animals are nicer than humans especially my spaniels, one of “whom” is producing at least three puppies and probably more the vet couldn’t quite see.

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